At present, many countries produce biotin by chemical

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-11

Biotin is also a livestock growth and development essential to a biological catalyst during growth and development of livestock and weight gain, the quality of the meat, fur, and so influential. The Chinese market, the amount of biotin, and used only for medicine and cosmetics, others such as the amount of feed additives. Biotin complex production process is the highest technical content of all vitamin products. The main methods are extraction, fermentation and chemical synthesis.

The extraction of alumina chromatography biotin extracted from egg yolk, milk and animal liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs, refined obtained by distillation under vacuum. The production of small, high cost, the product was mainly used in the production of biological reagents. Fermentation using microorganisms by fermentation in the system, this method operation is not easy, the yield is not high, and the quality is not stable enough. Chemical synthesis is to use 2 - amino - 3 - dimercapto sodium acetate as the starting material. It will have reactions with chlorine condensation, after acylation, esterification, and hydrolysis to prepare biotin.

Chemical synthesis to become a research hot spot over the years, people has been studying the chemical synthesis production of biotin, but it was not until the early 1980s, this problem was able to overcome. Complex process of chemical synthesis, before and after the 11-step reaction to the industrial production is very difficult: First, the quality difficult to control; the length of routes, multi-step, high cost; yield is low; the scale of the four production small, the world's largest biotin enterprise output is just over 20 tons. The biotin Price had once risen to $ 6,000 per kilogram. So in 2000 the company began to carry out technological transformation of biotin production line, plans to scale to 60 tons, but for technical and environmental factors has not yet been completed.

Currently, many companies are investing a lot of manpower and material resources, stepping up development of biotin production of new technology, new routes, and the old process of technological transformation and innovation. Chinese enterprises courageously to catch up due to the difficulty of chemical synthesis of biotin, only individual enterprises produced by fermentation. 1997 China Zhejiang organizations to carry out chemical synthesis of science and technology research, and finally opened up the process route, the common 11-step synthesis method to the step 8, while the increase in production, cost reduction, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, and built in China The first chemical synthesis of biotin production line. Continuous expansion and later, in 2002 the biotin with an annual capacity has reached 40 tons, the actual annual output has reached more than 20 tons, accounting for about 1/3 of world production. Most of the biotin is used for exports.

In addition, many Chinese companies are prepared to invest in development and production of cosmetics material biotin. Biotin production process is difficult. But its t market has great potential. On the one hand, Chinese enterprises should increase R & D investment, strengthen cooperation and scientific research units and make a unique high-tech process route. On the other hand, China can take advantage of the opportunity of world processing and production of pharmaceutical chemical products transferring to China. It can have joint production with foreign companies. With the help of foreign advanced technology, it will become an important production base of biotin. It is worth mentioning that in the chemical synthesis production process of biotin, it needs some of toxic chemicals which will pollute the environment. The enterprises should be cautious in science and technology research.


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