Application of Xintao molecular sieve in organic gas purification industry

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
With the promulgation of the new environmental protection law, the requirements for the emission restrictions of VOC organic waste gas are becoming more and more strict. More and more VOC purification and treatment projects with large air volume, low concentration and complex components face the dilemma of large one-time investment and large operating costs. Therefore, the combined adsorption concentration + thermal oxidation VOC treatment process is suitable for solving such VOC purification. Based on the core technology of this equipment is the zeolite molecular sieve in the molecular sieve rotor. The activated carbon was used in the early stage. Now with the development of technology, Xintao molecular sieve is the best irreplaceable partner. Compared with the adsorption and concentration of activated carbon, Xintao brand zeolite molecular sieve runner has many advantages, such as safety factors, continuous operation, and less concentration fluctuation after desorption. Zeolite molecular sieve runners are increasingly becoming the mainstream of such projects. Treatment process and treatment equipment. The zeolite molecular sieve runner adsorption concentration + catalytic combustion exhaust gas treatment system uses three continuous temperature-changing adsorption and desorption procedures of adsorption-desorption-concentration to condense low-concentration, large-air volume organic waste gas into high-concentration, low-flow concentrated gas . Its device characteristics are suitable for treating waste gas with large flow, low concentration and various organic components. The sealing system of zeolite molecular sieve runner adsorption is divided into a treatment area and a regeneration area. The adsorption runner rotates slowly to ensure that the entire adsorption is a continuous process. When the exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) passes through the treatment area of u200bu200bthe runner, the exhaust gas components are adsorbed by the adsorbent in the runner, and the runner gradually tends to be saturated, and the treated exhaust gas is purified and emptied. At the same time, in the regeneration area, the high-temperature air passes through the adsorption-saturated runner, so that the adsorbed exhaust gas in the runner is desorbed and taken away by the high-temperature air, thereby restoring the adsorption capacity of the runner and achieving the effect of continuous removal of VOCs at the same time. , and also increased the concentration of exhaust gas, which is convenient for catalytic oxidation treatment. The high temperature desorption hot air (~220℃) comes from the high temperature flue gas generated in the catalytic combustion chamber. Before the concentrated exhaust gas produced by desorption enters the catalytic bed, it first exchanges heat with the high-temperature flue gas in the heat exchanger unit, and preheats the desorbed exhaust gas and enters the catalytic bed. The desorbed gas rises to 300°C in the catalytic bed to carry out catalytic oxidation reaction, the organic components are oxidized into non-toxic and harmless CO2 and H2O, and heat is released. The formed flue gas (<650℃) exchanges heat with the intake air when it is discharged, and then is directly discharged into the chimney or divided into hot air for desorption. The continuous work of the slow rotation of the adsorption runner can be well adapted to the continuous operation and intermittent operation conditions. Xintao Co., Ltd. (836481) will continue to work hard to develop various types of zeolite molecular sieves suitable for the environmental protection industry on the basis of the original, so as to create a green world for human beings and a healthy environment for the earth.
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