When it comes to choosing golf equipments, you

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-26

Now club head are being made by materials like titanium, graphite, ceramic and plastic. The most popular clubs which are being used are made of steel. Since these materials differ in weight, some alterations are also done to the design of the club head so that there is a proper weight distribution. While choosing a golf club in the market, you might be attracted towards the clubs made by new materials, but sometimes traditional wood might be the right choice for you. Hence it is always best to have an open mind while choosing new clubs. Let's have a look at each of the club head materials in details.

Titanium: Titanium shafts are in the market for quite some time, but manufacturer have recently started using it for club heads. Although these are lighter than steel, but provides the same strength of steel and hence the head can be increased more to provide a greater hitting area. You will mostly find this material in the over-sized drivers. It provides a greater club head speed and is expensive compared to steel club heads.

Graphite: These heads provide advantages of metal heads. You will mostly find this in lightweight clubs and over-sized drivers. Maximum club head speed is produced when the graphite head is combined with a light shaft. At the impact the ball bounces back from the graphite head which helps in longer shots with minimum efforts. Similar to titanium clubs, these are also lighter. This problem is overcome by making the size of the head bigger compared to the traditional ones. These are the costliest clubs and hence are not the perfect choice for an average golfer.

Plastics: In early eighties many company experimented with the hi-tech plastic in their club heads but were not successful. It again came into picture when John Daly won the PGA tournament in 1991 using one of these.

Ceramic: Only few companies have developed ceramic-headed woods. The main reason behind it is that not many golfers have shown interest in it. But it is assumed that the interest will increase slowly as the same material is being used for golf shoes spikes which last really long. Another perception among golfers is that these heads can't stand the pressure of hitting golf balls, but ceramic is one of the hardest substance and is also used to manufacture the engines of some automobiles.

While buying a set of irons, golfers always look for clubs which offer playability and a complete control. The graphite and titanium irons are not used by golfers as they are very light weight for that purpose and are very expensive compared to steel. The most popular irons are the ones made by steel.

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