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A brick is a building block made of ceramic. The earliest bricks-found in multiple sites throughout the Near East-were made of shaped mud. The ancient Egyptians, Indus Valley Civilization, and ancient Chinese also used bricks for their building construction. During the Industrial Revolution, brick was in high demand as a building material, even when alternatives like stone were available. Victorian buildings were characterized by bright red bricks, which made the buildings more visible in the London fog. However, by the late 20th century, bricks were mostly confined to low or medium rise buildings. The most common material used to create bricks is clay. Clay is shaped into bricks through the process of heating and cooling. A brick typically has this composition: 50 to 60 percent silica (sand), 20 to 30 percent alumina (clay), 2 to 5 percent lime (stone), 5 to 6 percent iron oxide; and less than 1 percent magnesia. Bricks are among the most durable building materials known to mankind. Bricks come in many different colors, which lessen the need for paint. In addition, the versatility of bricks allows more creative freedom. This material also adds a classic touch to buildings and is very porous. Because bricks are porous, they have strong insulation properties. This makes them ideal for buildings located in areas with humid continental climates like Detroit, Michigan. This type of climate is characterized by extremes in temperatures. Detroit roofing can be composed of asphalt shingles that are firmly pressed onto red bricks. This not only creates an attractive finish, but produces a strong protective barrier. One suburb in the city of Detroit is Troy. Homeowners in this area may consider using composite materials such as brown brick roof tiles for their Troy roofing. This option is an attractive and durable protective barrier for homes in the suburb. Brick composite roofing is also a good material for areas with moderate climates like the Charter Township of Canton, located to the west of Detroit. However, you may need the services of a good Canton roofing contractor to maximize the benefits of brick composite roofing. In the event that you need to repair your brick tile or brick shingle composite roof, you can read: ehow.com/how_12177916_repair-brick-roofing.html for more information.
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