What are the advantages of ceramic corrugated packing compared to metal packing? -Xintao Technology molecular sieve manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Due to its unique structure and excellent hydrophilicity, a very thin liquid film can be formed on its surface. The turbulence of the liquid film and the inclined and twisted channels of the gas flow promote the gas flow, but it does not block the gas flow and produces ceramic and metal packings. Corrosion and high temperature metal packing is not as good as ceramic corrugated packing. Ceramic corrugated packing is also known as ceramic structured packing. It is a columnar unit composed of multiple packing units with the same geometry - corrugated sheets parallel to each other. Compared with plate tower and random packing, ceramic corrugated packing has the following excellent properties: (1) Flexible operation, small volume, and insignificant amplification effect. (2) It is suitable for rectification and separation of corrosive mixtures with strict resistance requirements and theoretical plate number. Ceramic to corrugated packings are available for vacuum pressure system operation. (3) Large flow: The new tower design can shorten the diameter and time The tower modification can greatly improve the processing capacity. (4) High separation efficiency: it has a larger specific surface area than bulk packing. (5) Decompression: It can save a lot of energy. Related recommended articles: Ceramic structured packing activated alumina desiccant molecular sieve how much is a ton of molecular sieve manufacturer
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