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by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-08

Double glazing is a great thing and something which every home should have. However, I recently had to replace double glazed units, Leeds and it took more resources than I had thought. If you have a misted sealed glazed unit this means that the unit has broken down. You don't have to go out and buy new windows all you need to do is replace or repair the sealed units. This can be done on almost every type of window from wood to aluminium to UPVC.

Window units refer to the entire space in the wall of a room occupied by a single stretch of glass - that is, a normal 'window' area that includes a number of panes of glass built across a single frame. These units can include anything from two to fifteen different panes, but if you want to upgrade to double glazing you can usually purchase the entire section by itself (rather than opting for a pane-by-pane price model) - which will ultimately save you money.

The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time and the environment. Over time the sun and wind and everyday environmental conditions forces the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract thus acting like a pump slowing sucking in and then releasing air from between the glass panes. Eventually the desiccant that is within the spacer bar becomes saturated, therefore cannot draw any more moisture from the air within the unit, the result is condensation between the panes!

Why is it important to replace or repair your sealed units?

It will restore the beauty of your windows and this helps keep your house maintained and preserves the value of your property. You need to restore dry air to your sealed unit to improve insulating performance because when your sealed unit has broken down then insulating efficiency is reduced, caused by condensation between your glass panes. The longer you leave it the more damage occurs, with the mist turning into water droplets then depositing mineral residue, marking the glass and finally permanent glass damage.

Other reasons for the break down of a unit are that the sealed unit may have been badly manufactured or the way the sealed unit was fitted when your windows were installed. Whatever the reasons, it is necessary to replace double glazing once the problems have started. If you do not, then you will be faced with further deterioration and this could lead to more problems such as the replacing of the whole window, including the frames. In extreme cases, the actual structure of the wall and the brickwork could be affected, so it is better to treat the problem early.

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