One-Stop Chemical Filling Platform with 50,000 square meters workshop and warehouse.


Enterprise vision: there is chemical industry there is Xintao chemical packing.

Enterprise mission: Let the world's chemical industry see the most excellent chemical packing

Enterprise values: Customer first, embrace change, Integrity thanks, fighting dreams

Our main products are molecular sieve, inert ceramic balls, activated alumina, random, carbon molecular sieve and structured chemical packing in ceramic, plastic & metal, honeycomb ceramics, alumina grinding balls, etc

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From a long time, XINTAO was determined to set standards for itself. We are not only providing professional products for customers, but also good service. XINTAO believes all time, professional knowledge and innovation which base on professional knowledge, and fulfilling its responsibilities towards its customers, employees, the environment, which are the factors we must bear in mind.At XINTAO, As a carbon molecular sieve suppliers, we have our own manufacturing facilities, which have been developed and maintained to high technical specifications. XINTAO products all are resort to standard from purchasing raw material, manufacturing. We ensure all of our products quality and safety.

Activated zeolite powder production process
Activated zeolite powder production process
The Founder
The Founder
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