Unfortunately, most computer users do not really

by:Xintao Technology     2020-06-29
Naturally, all computer processes are carried out through electrical pulses. When one thinks about the small spaces within which such electricity needs to pass, it becomes evident that careless handling can be harmful. The motherboard is made up of several small circuits, which are actually larger than the minute ones found in the CPU chip. System failure through overheating is kept in check by cooling fans, which are constantly circulating air. One should also remember the sheer number of mechanical cycles which components such as hard disks execute continuously. Keeping such considerations in mind should definitely make you think twice about moving your computer carelessly around. Generally, the most common everyday situation requiring a computer to be moved is when one needs to clean. Even if it might seem excessive for such short distances, it is still advisable to switch off the computer and unplugging it altogether. Otherwise, this seemingly innocuous movement could well result in a hard disk failure. This may be brought about when the drive makes contact with the lasers which read information. Furthermore, motherboard malfunctioning and broken cooling fans are also an unfortunate possibility. Clearly, following this simple piece of advice does not seem too tiresome as opposed to losing valuable information or damaging computer parts. When the computer needs to be moved a considerable distance, it is only understandable that greater care should be had. All peripherals attached to the tower should be carefully unplugged to allow for optimal handling and ensure that no problems arise. If you are afraid of failing to remember which peripheral goes into which port, you can always take note of the wiring before actually unplugging everything. In cases where a computer has to be transported to an entirely different location, even more care is required. The major concern in such cases is the packing, both as regards the quality of the boxes, as well as the way in which the various parts are positioned. You would not want all your parts to fall around and out of their packing on a bumpy road. It is always advisable to make use of soft cushions or similar things to provide adequate protection during the trip. The one essential rule which should always be kept in mind is that powering off and unplugging a computer is always required, regardless of how far it will be moved. Following this simple rule will ensure that you will not end up losing important information, repairing malfunctioning parts or having to cash out on an entirely new system altogether.
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