Summary of the application and advantages of ceramic corrugated packing-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
According to the different vertical inclination angle of corrugation, it can be divided into X type and Y type of ceramic corrugated packing. The inclination angle of X type is 300, and the inclination angle of Y type is 450. Type X has a smaller pressure drop, while Type Y has better mass transfer performance. In order to balance pressure drop and mass transfer performance, holes can be made in the plate. Because structured packing has no obvious amplification effect, its surface roughness has unique anti-corrosion properties of materials, and it is used in mass transfer processes such as distillation, stripping, absorption, and extraction in petrochemical industries. Main Specifications Models 100X125X160X250X350X450X500x550X650X700x100Y125Y160Y250Y350Y450Y500y550Y650Y700y Models below: X and Y represent the corrugated inclination angle of 30 and 45 degrees respectively. ) Pressure drop Mpa/m , the renovation of the old tower can greatly increase the processing capacity; the overall cross-sectional view of the ceramic packing has high separation efficiency: it has a much larger specific surface area than the random packing; It is suitable for various tower diameters; it is strongly resistant to corrosion by acids and alkalis, especially H2S and naphthenic acid chloride ions. Application Editing of rectification of halogenated organic compounds The rectification and absorption of corrosive mixtures with strict requirements on pressure drop and number of theoretical plates. Sulfuric acid absorption, nitric acid concentration and chemical fertilizer plant gas purification and other towers with a large number of natural media. Vacuum operation with absolute pressure from 100Pa. Used as heat exchanger, mist eliminator or catalyst carrier etc.
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