Shock absorbers are another important or critical

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-10
It can be very complicated as where to start if you are trying to improve your handling skill. Before you made an adjustment or tuning your electric rc cars shock absorber, you have to consider a few things that may effect your handling on your electric rc car. -Driving style. -Track surface condition. -Tire compound. -Shaft or belt driven. -Electric rc car setting. -Understand your shock absorber system. There are a few important components in shock absorber structure: Shock Body. Main component of shock absorber system is shock body. There are two type of shock body in the market. - Viscous damper- Operated with silicone oil and piston to absorb force. - Coulomb damper- Operated with out oil. Piston Most of the electric rc car which is using silicone oil in their shock absorber system, adjustment of shock absorber stiffness will be easier by using difference thickness of silicone oil and by using difference piston (difference number of hole on piston). - Thicker the thicknesses of silicon oil will harder your rc car shock absorber. - Lesser the number of holes on your piston will herder your rc car shock absorber. Spring. Main purpose of shock absorber spring is to control the level of suspension movement. A hard spring will cause your electric rc car striking downward less compared to a soft spring. Generally a level of soft or hard spring is called spring rate or stiffness and measure in unit lb/ Inch or Newton / meter. You don't have to worry how to measure it, because it can be identified by color code such as green, yellow or red color. Here are a few more tips to help. -Less downstop will make your electric rc car more responsive and better on bumpy track, but it will cause less stable. -Lowering the ride height gives you more grip. -Increasing front track-width will result in more understeer, while decreasing it will result in less understeer and faster steering response. After you know and understand your electric rc car shock absorber system, know is your time to tuning your shock absorber base on above know-how. Article was base on author's experience and knowledge in rc car world, would like to share his knowledge and tips. If you would like to learn and to know more, go to Fast Electric RC Cars
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