Shaanxi Huayin molecular sieve sewage treatment system is put into use and is expected to be completed by the end of the year

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

Recently, Huayin Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Station entered Xihu Town. The sewage treatment facility is completely different from traditional sewage treatment. There is no turbid rolling pool, no chirping, and much less spicy taste.

'The sewage treatment here is a new model of micro-power. The sewage discharged by the residents enters the grid through the ditch, flows into the anaerobic biochemical tank outside the septic tank, and is purified by the constructed wetland and discharged into the water body. 'Director Wang Lijun Say.

It is reported that Huayin Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Station adopts the principle of combining chemical and biological treatment. Alternative treatment process is used for deoxidation, and biological treatment and sedimentation process are used to remove suspended solids in sewage. The effluent COD is lower than 50mg/L, and BOD is lower than 10mg/L. All indicators meet the national 'urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards'. Class A emission standards.

Huayin molecular sieve sewage treatment station was built in 2013. In October, 1.7 million yuan was invested to build Huayin molecular sieve sewage treatment system, of which 1.2 million yuan was invested. The 300-square-meter sewage treatment station covers an area of u200bu200b3 million square meters, processing 200 cubic meters of sewage per day, with a service area of u200bu200b1 square kilometers and a service population of 2,500 people.

The population is compact, resulting in a large amount of domestic sewage, especially for residents, where all kinds of production and domestic sewage are concentrated. As the upstream of Rizhao Reservoir, Xihu Town has effectively prevented the sewage directly discharged into Huayin Reservoir from passing through the river through treatment, thus ensuring the safety of drinking water.
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