Qingdao molecular sieve interception pipeline network renovation project is in the final stage and is expected to be completed within this year

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

On December 23, I learned from Qingdao Water Affairs Group that one of the 10 cities in Qingdao did something in 2014 - Qingdao molecular sieve sewage pipe network renovation project has entered the later stage, and the completion will be completed within this year. Urban drainage, Sewage treatment capacity will be fundamentally improved.

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to No. 1094 Heilongjiang Middle Road, under the molecular sieve sewage pipeline in Qingdao. The construction staff told reporters that the pipes originally used for ceramic materials were easily damaged and blocked. The upgrade of HDPE pipes not only increases the hardness and service life, but also improves the drainage capacity to a certain extent. In order to ensure the construction effect, the pipeline network renovation project adopts 'one construction and one pipeline

It is understood that this Qingdao molecular sieve sewage interception pipe network project was invested and constructed by the Municipal Finance Bureau. The hospital drainage pipes and drainage pipes were reconstructed. The total length of the road is about 32.6 kilometers. At present, the hospital and road drainage layer have been completed. above 95.
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