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by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-06

If you take a dilution in which are certain antibodies or viral fragments and put Magnetic Beads into the surface molecules of the beads they bind on it and immobilize it. With a magnet or an electromagnetic field, scientists can pick out the beads after it and analyze their surface or specifically isolate easily proteins, antibodies, viruses or other substances from parts of the dilution.

The tiny creatures will find their use in medicine, biology and biotechnology, where they help to improve the complex and lengthy purification and separation processes significantly. But in the foreseeable future it is certainly possible to use them directly in the human body to identify outbreaks or even to combat illnesses immediately. Via an external magnetic field they can be put precise on the right place in the body and be followed removed again.

With the advancement of magnetic beads there will possibly open up in a relatively short time, completely new ways of treatment and diagnostics.

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