On-site monitoring engineer for the acceptance of the second phase expansion and advanced treatment project of Tongchuan 5A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Recently, the municipal environmental monitoring station of the Huaxian Phase II expansion project and the Tongchuan 5A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant are undergoing on-site inspection and acceptance. The municipal environmental monitoring station strictly followed the work plan, standardized sampling and accurate analysis, and successfully completed the acceptance of the task of on-site monitoring of Tongchuan 5A molecular sieve. The acceptance of on-site monitoring includes three parts: sewage monitoring, exhaust gas monitoring and on-site noise monitoring. Sewage monitoring and distribution 4 points, sampling every 2 hours, monitoring pH value, BOD 19 item. 4 monitoring points are arranged for waste gas monitoring, sampling every 2 hours to monitor 2 items of ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide. The on-site noise monitoring layout is at 4 points, monitoring once day and night, and monitoring continuously for 2 days.
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