Molecular sieve domestic sewage treatment in Huangshan City is gradually embarking on the road of ecological construction

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

On April 13, the Zhaochikou fish pond in front of the village in Yangjiaqiao Town, Huangshan City, in recent years, the fish produced from neighboring villages do not like it, because the pond water is polluted by domestic sewage, the fish is not delicious in the countryside, so examples are not uncommon.

With the transformation of farmers' living standards, more and more sewage is produced, and the environmental damage is more and more serious. Farmers are already feeling the damage. So people are accustomed to dumping sewage and began to change - a septic tank was built, and the government also put pollution control projects into the molecular sieve sewage treatment in Huangshan City, and gradually embarked on the road of ecological construction.

Phenomenon: Pollution of the environment by domestic sewage

Lao Zhao has lived in the countryside for more than 60 years, and he has come to realize this problem in recent years about 'treatment of domestic sewage'.

'Rural sewage is mainly oily water, which is often used for watering vegetables, irrigating fields, etc., and does not need to be treated.' Sewage 'crops grow well, so we do not keep it in mind' Zhao said that rural sewage is often used as farmland fertilizer, farmland organic matter sewage Nutrients absorbed by crops rarely lose water and have little impact on the environment.

However, with the rapid economic and social development, farmers' economic income continues to increase, and farmers' lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes. Sanitary ware, washing machines, bathing facilities, etc. have entered the families of ordinary people. Rural per capita daily water consumption and domestic sewage discharge increased, resulting in a large amount of domestic sewage. Ecological personnel of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the concentration of COD and BOD in domestic sewage is high. If it is not directly drained, the river will pollute the local water environment and lead to eutrophication of the water body.

Disadvantage: Historical Debt + Real Stress

In recent years, more and more farmers and Zhao Zhao have begun to realize the importance of environmental protection. But what to do, they are still groping, the molecular sieve sewage treatment in Huangshan City is not easy.

'The person in charge of the Yuhu District Environmental Protection Bureau, first of all, in the past few years, farmers have not been highly aware of environmental protection, garbage dumped freely, domestic sewage is relatively common, and the pollutants have been attached for many years, which has little impact on groundwater; second, rural areas I don't like urban life, and it is difficult to centrally treat domestic sewage. The management of land resources management network and the construction of wharfs still restrict the follow-up operation and maintenance. Thirdly, the sewage treatment in rural areas is very expensive, and the single-family sewage treatment tank costs about 2,000 yuan.

Governance: 'Shaoshan Model' and 'Yuhu Model'

On April 12, Yuhu District Environmental Protection Bureau sent to Hejingzhen Town to check the progress of the constructed wetland project. 'This is the second time Yuhu District uses artificial wetlands to control domestic sewage.' said a deputy director in charge.

According to him, last summer, after several special meetings and on-site research, Yuhu District, with an investment of about one million yuan, will be selected as the test site to start exploring the path of ecological management. 'There are two sewage outlets in this area. We cut off the other one and built another sewage outlet near the artificial wetland. After completion, it will be the bottom layer of the biotechnology treatment system, which will purify the sewage so that it can meet the sewage discharge standards. It will be the pinnacle of the banana ocean, which is both environmentally friendly and beautiful.” The project is expected to be completed and put into use in May this year, and nearly 100 households will be treated for the concentration of domestic sewage.

As early as 2012, the district invested 21.5459 million yuan to start a continuous comprehensive improvement project for the rural environment in Jiangxiang, covering 12 administrative villages such as Tongzi, Lizi and Xiangqi. The treatment of domestic sewage by molecular sieve in Huangshan City has become an important content.

Yuhu District adopts different processing methods according to the distribution of residences in administrative villages. For areas where polymer composite materials are used dispersedly, the 'septic tank + artificial wetland' comprehensive equipment is used for treatment; the population concentration areas are processed in the mode of centralized sewage treatment station, such as Quanquan Village, where the sewage of about 120 households is centrally stored in sewage treatment. stand. At the same time, in order to produce a large amount of domestic sewage for livestock and poultry farmers, the farmers adopt the 'dry manure + agricultural use' mode, and the management mode of the new biogas digester adopts the processing mode. These good practices, known as the 'rain lake model

In the rural areas of Shaoshan, there is a 'Shaoshan Model' for domestic sewage treatment. In 2009, Shaoshan City began to promote the use of Sange septic tanks in rural areas. In this way, from the kitchen, the toilet is discharged from the sewage, filtered by the three-layer septic tank and sedimentation tank after biodegradation, which not only eliminates the smell of children, but also can be reused. In 2011, Shaoshan City upgraded its technology again and began to promote four Huangshan City molecular sieves to treat domestic sewage. The staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shaoshan City introduced: 'After the sewage treatment, the four septic tanks meet the secondary discharge standard of farmland, and have little impact on the environment. The septic tanks can also be used for planting grassland and landscaping.'

Now, it has become a trend in Shaoshan City to treat domestic sewage through biogas digesters, Sanger septic tanks, and four septic tanks, and the utilization rate in rural areas is over 75%. Shaoshan Environmental Protection Bureau staff reminded villagers that if you need to build a septic tank, they will provide free technical support.
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