Moisture environment is the biggest enemy of photography

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-10

Then, how to do the job? Due to the budget and your using habit, there are many ways. The cost is between 1-2 dollars or thousands.

First one: camera bag + desiccant

The cost is almost zero and the performance is the worst. If you are not living in the moisture places and often use your camera, then you needn't the professional Dry Box and desiccant. You can find many desiccant bags in your snacks. Two or three will be enough. Just put them into your bag and change the new one when it is soft. Do remember don't let it scraped.

Airtight storage box + desiccant

To the normal consumer digital camera, the professional dry box will be too extravagant, so I recommend the airtight storage box. You can find it at the shopping mall or even small stores. Choose the right size and great leak tightness one. Silicagel self indicator is the most used desiccant. After affected with damp, its color will turn blue to pink. Put it under the sun or microwave oven, it can be back to blue. For the advantages of can be recycled use and no smell, it is the best choice for Dampproof. The right using way is putting the silicagel at the bottom and then covering it with a clean cloth. Don't let the camera directly touch the silicagel. The weakness of it is the small capacity and poor leak tightness.

Normal sealing dry box

Normal sealing dry boxes are mostly made with the high strength plastic. There are some gadgets in it to maintain the dry condition inside. The progress of maintenance is costing time but it can provide a good space for your camera.

Autodry Box

It is the most expensive dry box you can purchase on the market. Of course, the cheap one and dear one's price also can be dozens of times (hundreds to thousands of dollars).

In summary, you should make the choice based on your needs and real condition, otherwise you may waste of money or damage your camera.

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