Medical term for total hip replacement is arthroplasty

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-03
It is great to find that some medical institutions in India have started working on total hip replacement. Though invented sometime during the late 1960s, the method has been popular in the country over the past couple of decades. Total hip replacement in Kolkata is now affordable and reliable. A patient suffering from chronic arthritis or any orthopedic hip problem can opt for this surgical treatment to restore a pain-free life. According to the latest medical reports, arthroplasty has high rates of success in the last few years. Thanks to the unprecedented growth of medical technology, Kolkata has some most sought after surgeons to carry on the treatment flawlessly. The concept of total hip replacement is not clear to many a patient who suffer heavily from arthritis or hip pain. The ball located at the upper end of the femur bone damages due to arthritis. An arthritic patient finds it painful every time whenever there is overstress on the hip area. In total hip replacement, the damage socket is removed, and a ceramic or plastic socket is implanted into the pelvis. The above replacement socket made of ceramic or plastic is generally fitted into another metal socket for making it firm. The last two decades have observed unobstructed advancement in hip arthroplasty. Currently, many innovative types of prosthesis have been experimented to make this curative attempt more effective and successful. A join replacement surgeon in Kolkata applies a combination of plastic and metal to create a new socket and ball joint. This newly created artificial joint is smooth and painless. For making these artificial balls, titanium alloy and chrome cobalt alloy are used jointly most times. Known as super metals, these metals were initially developed for the aerospace industry, and now are used for several allied application in the orthopedic science. A high-density plastic polymer known as polyethylene is used for making the plastic applied in the socket joints during hip replacement. The present day total hip replacement in Kolkata is carried out in mainly two different procedures. It is easier to replace the hip of an elderly person to replace the total hip in a softer bone by using a bone element. The replaced hip does not easily loosen in an elderly person, as it starts adjusting from the very first day. For the elderly group, this type of total hip replacement has proven to be stable and comfortable arrangement during their postoperative lives. A joint replacement surgeon in Kolkata most times uses stainless steel prosthesis to insert into the bone of the upper leg by applying a little bone cement. The second popular method does not use bone cement. Instead, Titanium trunk is applied on the femur directly. Patients may take to recover a month in this surgical method.
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