Ma'anshan Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade and reconstruction project is expected to start at the end of July

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

On July 15th, Ma'anshan Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant went through water trial operation for half a month, and the water quality has reached the national first-class discharge standard. By the end of this year, the water quality of Dongjiayuan, Xiawan, Longquan second-class domestic sewage treatment plants will reach this standard.

According to the requirements of the provincial government, in 2014, Maanshan Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plants all met the national A-level discharge standard. URA staff were brought into the city as early as last year to start and speed up the renovation of the existing sewage treatment plant. At present, Longwan Erlong, Longquan 22 and Dongjiashan No. 3 domestic sewage treatment plants have completed the 'feasibility study reportAfter the completion of the renovation of the third sewage treatment plant, the quality of sewage will be upgraded from the current national B-level standard to the national A-level standard.

According to reports, the city has completed ten ecological sewage treatment plants and one industrial sewage treatment plant in Longquan City, Xiawan, Hexi, Dongjia, Baishigang, Yanling, Chaling, Youling, Lling City and Zhuzhou County factory. The total amount of sewage treatment in the city reached 607,000 tons/day with an average sewage treatment rate of 87%. Among them, Longquan 123, Xiawan, Hexi, Dongjia, Baisegang domestic sewage treatment plants and Qingshuitang industrial sewage treatment plants have been built in the city, with a designed processing capacity of 25,000 tons/day and a sewage treatment rate of 90%
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