Introduction to the characteristics and operation of ceramic corrugated board-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Ceramic corrugated cardboard has excellent fire resistance properties, will not melt, drip or explode, and can remain stable for a long time. The ceramic plate is easy to protect, the surface and cut edges do not need coating or protective surface, and it has strong weather resistance. Regardless of sunlight, rain or humidity, it will not affect surfaces and substrates. UV resistance and color stability fully reach the international gray level 4-5. Large or fast temperature changes in ceramic corrugated sheets do not affect the properties and appearance of the material. A reasonable combination of flexural strength and elasticity gives ceramic plates high impact strength. The fine surface of the material makes it less likely for dust to adhere and is easier to clean. Its design makes ceramic corrugated panels very resistant to attack. Liquid is sprayed onto the packing from the top of the ceramic structured packing corrugated plate through a liquid diffuser. These two stages constitute a series of changes along the height of the column and flow down the surface of the packing. Gas is supplied from the bottom of the column and is brought into contact with a gas jet ceramic bellows device for mass transfer. Packed column reflux, small diameter column generally does not have gas distribution equipment. After dispersion, the liquid flows countercurrently through the voids of the packing layer. Under normal working conditions, the surface of the ceramic corrugated plate packing is closely connected with the contact gas-liquid mass transfer equipment, and the gas phase is a continuous phase and a liquid phase. for the dispersed phase.
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