Green pavements are alternative to asphalt paving

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-13
Green is a new concept, is a permeable and porous that allow water to absorb instead of repelling it. It allows water to return back into the ground so that water does not wash into the sewer or gutter along with the impurities like oil, gas and other pesticides residue. These are called green pavements not because they are green in color, just because they are environmental friendly and besides protecting water supply, many green products contain recycled materials like plastic and slag. Green are also known as permeable pavements which allow water to run through it rather than pool on top or run off of it. Mainly three types of green pavements or permeable pavements are there such as plastic pavers, concrete pavers and traditional asphalt or concrete. If it is installed properly then it helps to reduce flooding as allow rainwater to soak into the ground. Green are not capable to bear heavy load traffic, but in coming future it can be because new techniques are developed very rapidly in construction process. Today green pavements applications are used in driveways, footpaths or walking paths, public parks and in parking lots. They are very demanding because they work like a pavement but looks like grass. There are many benefits of green pavements like companies can easily produce it with recycled products, light colored and also it is cooler in summer than traditional pavements. Permeable are least expensive and work best when located on sandy soil like coastal plains. They are usually contains a gravel storage layer underneath the surface pavements which often doubles for structural support. They are very effective and can be used for long period of time. Green pavements will function for up to 20 years if they are constructed in areas free from disturbed soil and maintained regularly. Green can be used on both small and large scale. Engineers and building developers are dependent on these practices to complete their project with storm water management regulations particularly for the areas of wet ponds and wet lands. They are used in commercial as well as for residential purpose. It also provides sustainability in environmental, economical and social issues with long term view.
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