Germanium Silicate SU-32 is a New Chiral Molecular Sieve

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
SU-32 (IHNCHCH).J[C. sSum0o IFSTWI crystallizes in the large square system, the space group is P6.22, the unit cell parameters are au003d 12.2635A, cu003d30.2710, and the skeletal density is 16.4T/1000A3
Gemosilicate SU-32 is a new type of chiral molecular sieve. Its structure is based on tetrahedral units, and is formed by stacking network layers containing 4-membered rings, 5-membered rings, and 12-membered rings. Figure 2-46(a) is a schematic diagram of the skeleton of SU-32 along the [001] direction. SU-32 consists of two adjacent layers based on the same structural unit but with different orientations, one of which is a 2D layer obtained by rotating 60° with its closely connected other dimensional layer, and the two 2D layers are interconnected to form a 3D skeleton. structure. The 12-membered rings between adjacent layers are rotationally translated to each other, so that the 12-membered ring channels are defined by the openings of the 10-membered ring. The helical channel along the C-axis is formed by the stacking of [45810] cages by sharing a 10-membered ring [Fig. 2-46(b)].
It is worth noting that if the same layers in SU-32 are stacked in the order of AA AA along the e-axis direction, an achiral molecular sieve SU-15 will be formed, and the space group is C2/m. Between layer A and layer A is an inverse symmetry relationship.
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