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by:Xintao Technology     2020-06-30
In fact, the NASDAQ QMC organization has revealed that Super Cab is one of the best technologies they can offer. It's actually a cabinet purposely made to vent the hot exhaust air coming from the servers to the chimney of the cabinet. It should allow for cool customer workloads and need at least 17 kilowatts of power within the data center of NASDAQ. This solution, report says, is able to reduce and lessen cabinet-to-cabinet connectivity latency but it also help maintain dependability with full redundant power. NASDAQ is one of the very active exchanges that offer services such as collocation especially to trading customers and clients, especially those who are wanting to house their servers as close as possible. Recently, the NASDAQ reported the coming in of its new high-speed network which offer 40G Client Connectivity. This will help customers to access all of the group's exchanges especially in the U.S. markets. What Is Collocation? Collocation, also known as server housing, is to place your own server in a professional data center. This creates an environment in your company like you have a professional data center that requires big investment. But this makes it cheaper to your server collocation. A data center always have super fast internet connections, redundant power, air conditioning and a quality environment with low humidity and dust, as much as possible. All this operate to the optimal functioning of all servers. In the event of a fire, it will never make use of the conventional fire extinguishing installations, but use gasblussing. Gasblussing will ensure that there is no oxygen in the server room. Who knows a little physics knows that no fire is possible without oxygen. Your server will be under lock and key. You do not have to worry about theft. In this regard, access to the data center goes through your personal electronic badge. The only requirement that is made to your server in a data center sites is that this is rack mountable. It is not advisable to have a tower placed just in a server rack as they take up more space and therefore provide a higher monthly fee.
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