Chalcedony is definitely an outstanding gemstone

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Chalcedony is best for your lady you love or to utilize on wedding jewelry. A lot of people even use chalcedony wedding rings. Set in white gold or silver, it produces just the best appear.

What is chalcedony?

Its name is stated to come from an ancient Greek town termed Chalkedon, now in Turkey. It's a fine-grained number of quartz using a waxy luster and microscopic compressed crystals. As a consequence of this structure, chalcedony is generally semi-opaque - which produces a soft glow because the light diffuses by the stone, best for graceful jewelry.

The Romans produced seals from chalcedony, along with the stone continues to be carved into ornaments for 1000's of many years. And in the past its heavenly blue colour explains why it had been termed Mecca stone and St Stephen's stone.


Chalcedony comes in each colour, but for jewelry it's generally light milky blue using a hint of pink. Becoming porous, it's been dyed blue and pale minty-green for centuries - and right now from time to time its colour enhanced to emerald green and even tangerine and peachy pink.


Chalcedony is formed in volcanic rock cavities in which silica-rich water flows via. Traces of iron oxide while in the water build the pinkish and sometimes red color.

The gemstone can be observed in the Arizona Desert, exactly where petrified trees have formed from chalcedony replacing the ancient forest. Native Americas there referred to as the stone sacred because they believed it brought stability to the tribe.


Chalcedony is actually a feminine stone, total of yin energy. Mentioned to stability the feelings, bring stamina, and promote kindness and charity. It's also believed to be good for like because it lowers anger, depression and melancholy. The gemstone also absorbs unfavorable power and promotes a feeling of enthusiasm. It is also believed to reduced blood pressure with its anti-inflammatory properties and heal the lungs, so staying very good for smokers.

Years ago sailors wore it like a talisman, and it really is the birthstone for those born underneath the star sign of Sagittarius.


Since there exists a lot chalcedony in a lot of countries, it has been carved into arrowheads, tools, knives, cups and bowls for tens-of-thousands of years.


The very best chalcedony is mined in Chalcedony are from India and Madagascar, nonetheless it can also be discovered organic all above the US, plus in Burma, Brazil and Mexico.

By Nigel Hay Mckay

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