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by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
As the main force in water treatment, fillers play a pivotal role in all aspects of sewage treatment. In chemical engineering, packing refers to inert solid materials installed in packed towers, such as Pall rings and Raschig rings, etc., whose function is to increase the gas-liquid contact surface and make them mix strongly with each other. In chemical products, fillers, also known as fillers, refer to solid materials used to improve processability, mechanical properties of products and/or reduce costs. In the field of sewage treatment, it is mainly used in the contact oxidation process, and microorganisms will accumulate on the surface of the filler to increase the surface contact with the sewage and degrade the sewage. In polymer chemical industry, fillers (fillers) are the additives with the largest amount, and almost all plastics (including thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics), natural rubber and coatings use a large amount of fillers. For example, adding wood powder, clay or calcium carbonate in the manufacture of plastics can not only improve the mechanical properties of the products, increase the hardness, but also reduce the cost; using graphite, magnetic powder or mica as fillers can improve the electrical conductivity, magnetic flux and resistance of plastics. Thermal properties; adding carbon black or silica (silica) to the rubber can significantly improve the physical properties of the product; adding titanium *** (titanium dioxide) to the spinning solution can block light and dye. In the coating industry, white or colored fillers (such as titanium dioxide, talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, etc.) are often added to improve the optical, physical and chemical properties of the coating. The fillers (fillers) for this purpose are called physique Pigments or vehicles. The rapid development of the environmental protection industry in the future will be reflected in the following aspects: First, due to the influx of a large amount of capital, the structure and industrial chain of the ceramic structured packing environmental protection industry will face rapid reconstruction; The technological research and development and scientific research projects carried out by scientific research institutions will directly connect with the industry and capital, and the environmental technology will progress rapidly. At the same time, the iteration in the application process will be several times faster than the current speed. 'Most environmental protection companies are essentially equipment manufacturing and engineering construction companies, and it is difficult to connect with the Internet. Even environmental protection companies with sewage and garbage operation performance are typical heavy assets + B2B, and it is not easy to access the Internet.' In Wen Yibo's view, traditional environmental protection companies that do not 'touch the Internet' mean waiting to die, but 'touching the Internet' faces a series of problems such as online and offline competition. How to rationally use 'Internet thinking + Internet connection' in the environmental protection industry without its own Internet genes to truly realize the transformation from big to strong is both a key point and a difficult point. Pollution control is a huge comprehensive social project, ranging from industrial pollution to personal garbage disposal, involving everyone and future generations. Environmental protection requires strict legislation. It is necessary to mobilize the whole party and the whole people, and implement a one-vote veto system. It is not only necessary to form a broad public opinion environment, but also to establish a professional and proficient law enforcement team with strong executive power, refine law enforcement standards, resolutely curb the phenomenon of vicious pollution, large-scale pollution, and long-term pollution, and implement rewards and punishments for each specific. units and individuals. It is recommended to strengthen the norms of corporate ecological and environmental protection responsibilities, and fully mobilize the subjective initiative of economic entities. Whether it is possible to stipulate the proportion of funds used by corporate profits for redevelopment and ecological environment. For example, this time, Ningxia Zhongwei Mingsheng Dyeing and Chemical Co., Ltd. invested 400 million yuan in the new factory area and 80 million yuan in environmental protection facilities, accounting for 1/5 of the entire investment. Do similar proportions need to be rigidified? To be studied by experts.
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