Ceramic cross spacer has obvious price advantage-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Because its porosity is more than 60%, and compared with other small series of fillers, the ceramic cross isolation ring has higher density and good acid and heat resistance, even some strong acids and alkalis can not corrode it, of course not including Hydrofluoric acid Generally speaking, the ceramic cross baffle ring has many components: silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, etc., due to its structural advantages, it can increase the specific surface area of u200bu200bthe structured packing and improve the transmission rate. Quality efficiency, the price advantage of the ceramic cross spacer ring is also obvious. The application of ceramic cross retaining ring can be said to be very extensive. Generally, it is mainly used in drying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, washing towers, regeneration towers, etc. in chemical, metallurgy, gas, environmental protection and other industries. We briefly introduce the basic situation of the ceramic cross baffle ring, such as the price and characteristics of the ceramic cross baffle ring, and hope to help friends who want to know this knowledge. Ceramic crossed septa are relatively large in size compared to other packings and are available in a variety of product sizes. Therefore, we usually use them for neat stacking, while ceramic cross spacer rings are usually used as auxiliary materials in chemical production. Therefore, it is very popular in the market, and we can also choose different specifications for different specific surface areas and void ratios according to our actual needs. Ceramic cross spacer. Of course, the price of ceramic cross baffles on the market is not high at present, and it can be said that it is a high-cost product. The basic situation of the ceramic cross retaining ring is introduced. Friends with more relevant knowledge can choose to log in to the official website of the ceramic cross separation ring or directly consult the relevant manufacturer.
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