Ceramic corrugated packing has excellent properties and specific applications-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Due to the unique structure of ceramics and good hydrophilicity, a very thin liquid film can be formed on its surface. The turbulent flow and oblique flow channels of the air flow can promote the air flow, but do not block the air flow, so that the ceramic filler can match the metal filler. No comparison can be made with its corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant metal fillers. The surface structure has good wetting properties, which allows for faster liquid flow and minimises the amount of fluid in the filling. This reduces the chance of overheating, aggregation and coking. Ceramic corrugated packing for specific applications; 1. Sulfuric acid absorption, nitric acid concentration, gas purification, etc. in fertilizer plants 2. Absolute vacuum operation from 100Pa. Used as heat exchanger, mist eliminator or catalyst carrier. 3. Distillative rectification of halogenated organic compounds and absorption of corrosive mixtures with strict pressure drop and theoretical plate number requirements. Ceramic corrugated packing is a new type of structured packing composed of many packing units with the same geometry.
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