A person's personality is depicted by his clothing

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-29

Your hairs get nourishment from proteins, vitamin C, iron, water, vitamin E and vitamin A. Hair loss or damage starts when your protein level starts decreasing or you get deficiency of vitamin C, E or A. Human body is composed of water and flash. If you do ration analysis then human's body is composed of eighty percent water. It means that you should take water regularly to avoid dehydration and increase growth of your curly hairs.

Let's discuss the sources of different ingredients needed for your hair. As your hairs need proteins so you can get protein through animal flesh, dairy or from protein supplement. Vitamin C makes the shiny look of hairs and it can be extracted from citrus food like lemons, oranges and green peppers. Recommended dosage of citrus food is one thousand to three thousand milligram per day.

For healthy growth of hairs you need vitamin B complex. B3 helps to increase scalp circulation that is necessary for hair growth. Usually you can get vitamin B complex through vitamin B supplements. If you are suffering hair loss then it is surely iron reduction in your body. You can fulfill your iron deficiency through apricots, animal liver and raisins.

Water as said earlier is the major component of your body as well as your hairs. Recommended quantity of water for an adult is four to eight cups a day. It keeps your body hydrated and maintains curly hair growth. Some people love to take alcoholic drinks that are dangerous for your overall health as well as your hairs. So avoid these drinks to stop hair loss.

The natural products like amino acids help in moisturizing the hairs and maintain the volume of moisture that is needed by the hair. The different oils present in these products are useful in increasing the volume and avoids tangling of hair due to dryness.

The vitamins in natural products are the most important for those people who have damaged their hair by using low quality products because the vitamins are the natural hair repairing agent. If you are using this natural hair care products for the first time you might feel uneasy but once your hair get used to natural products you will never try to go back to the artificial products.

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