9 projects including 3A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant were selected from the first batch of municipal-level PPP project database in Ma'anshan City

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

The recently held Maanshan Municipal Government Executive Meeting approved the list of libraries for municipal PPP projects approved by Maanshan City, including the planning and construction of the tram line 2 project.

The total investment is about 17.8 billion yuan, including the tram line 2 project, the Maanshan 3A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant project, the urban sewage Co., Ltd. social transformation project, the car driver assessment center project, the Tiedong Road core section project, the rail Science and Technology City Road Network Project, Wuhan-Guangzhou Metro Area Comprehensive Land Development Project, Fengxi Metro Core Area Comprehensive Land Development Project, Intercity Railway Station Plaza Project.

The list shows that the tram line No. 2 vehicle factory in the east and west to Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway Ma'anshan West Station, with a total length of 22.5 kilometers, 30 establishments, an average station spacing of 780 meters, and a total investment of about 40 billion yuan

PPP refers to the long-term relationship between the government and social capital in the field of infrastructure and public services, and is a major institutional innovation in the field of investment. Using the PPP model, projects such as Tram Line 2 will be accelerated.

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List of City PPP Project Libraries

1 Tram Line 2 Project: Crossing Zhuzhou City, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan.

2 Ma'anshan City 3A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant Project: On-site Lushi District and Woping, the sewage treatment capacity is 50,000 cubic meters per day, and the total investment is 257 million yuan.

3 Social reform projects of Urban Drainage Co., Ltd.: Xiawan, Longquan, Dongshan Sewage Treatment Plant and Qingshuitang Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, Baishigang Water Purification Center comprehensive renovation PPP project, with a total investment of 1.44 billion yuan.

4 Vehicle Driver Testing Center Project: The total investment of Majiayan, Nanyangqiao Township, Zhuzhou County is about 450 million yuan.

Railway East Road

5 The core part of the project: Shisong Road to Xinhua Road, with a total length of 1.6 kilometers and a total investment of 890 million yuan.

6 Road Network Project of Road Science and Technology City: It consists of four roads including Tianxin Avenue, Che Road, Wolong Road and Yunxi Road, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan.

7 Comprehensive land development project in Wuguang Metro District: The comprehensive land development area in Wuguang District is about 6,517 mu with a total investment of 6.253 billion yuan.

8 Comprehensive land development project in the core area of u200bu200bPhoenix Metro: Comprehensive development of 788 mu of land in Fengxi Metro, with a total investment of 1.141 billion yuan.

9 Intercity Railway Station Square Project: Baimaling Station, Times Station, Yunlong Station, Qidaochong Station Square, with a total investment of 136.8 million yuan.
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