What are the characteristics of ceramic corrugated packing, metal corrugated packing and plastic corrugated packing? -Xintao Technology molecular sieve manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
Metal corrugated packing, ceramic corrugated packing and plastic corrugated packing are also due to the regularity, uniformity and symmetry of the structure, when the packing has the same specific surface area as the bulk packing, the porosity of the packing is larger, and it has a larger flux and comprehensive processing capacity. It is much larger than plate towers and bulk packed towers, so various general-purpose structured packings represented by ceramic plate corrugated packings are used in industry. Metal corrugated packing, ceramic corrugated packing and plastic corrugated packing all belong to regular corrugated packing, which are arranged in the tower according to uniform geometric figures and neatly stacked. They define the gas-liquid flow path, improve the phenomenon of channel flow and wall flow, the pressure drop can be small, but at the same time can provide more specific surface area, can achieve higher mass transfer and heat transfer effect in the same volume. In addition to light weight, large flux, sulfuric acid resistance, and high temperature resistance from room temperature to 150 °C, some corrugated packings have special chemical corrosion resistance. , sodium hydroxide solution below 30%; under the condition of use below 110 ℃, the chlorinated polyvinyl chloride plastic corrugated packing can resist the high temperature of chlorine gas, dry chlorine, wet chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide solution below 30%, etc. Corrosion and low temperature aging resistance. In general industrial equipment, the use temperature, the corrosive strength of the process medium and the load of the tower are mainly considered when selecting the structured corrugated packing material. The ceramic corrugated packing is made of kaolin and other raw materials and fired at high temperature. The operating temperature is as high as 1000℃. Generally, the best polyvinylidene chloride (PVDF) material plastic corrugated packing has a temperature resistance of 150℃, and the polypropylene plastic corrugated packing has a maximum temperature resistance of 100℃. Metal corrugated packing has the advantages of light weight, high strength, not brittleness, long service life, the largest porosity among the three corrugated packing materials, large flux and adjustable, high packing efficiency, minimum load in the tower, operating temperature of 316L, 316, 2205 and other stainless steel can reach 700 ℃, generally 301, 304, 321 and other stainless steel corrugated packing can reach 400 ℃; plastic orifice corrugated packing, plastic wire mesh, and ceramic corrugated packing has higher strength than plastic corrugated packing and higher than metal Orifice plate corrugated packing and wire mesh corrugated packing are affordable, but ceramic corrugated packing is relatively heavy, and it is easy to collide and fall off when handling and loading and unloading carelessly. Related recommended articles: Ceramic structured packing honeycomb ceramic regenerator molecular sieve how much is a ton of molecular sieve manufacturer
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