It is expected to invest 80 million yuan in the second phase of activated alumina microsphere sewage treatment project in Kaifeng City-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
'Last year, we selected 14 villages out of 6 administrative villages for domestic sewage treatment.' The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Engineering Department of Kaifeng Town Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau told reporters that in 2017, the town completed the construction of Beiwang Village and Nantang Village. , Longbei Village, Yongping Village, Shenjia Village, use Jiagang, Mahekou, Jiazizha, Xigang, Huangjiabu, Jiajiayu, Yujiabang and other control points to connect sewage with newly built independent sewage treatment facilities, and the rest The treatment point will be connected to the urban sewage pipe network for sewage treatment. As one of the key projects in Kaifeng City this year, the rural sewage treatment project will be gradually advanced in 2018. In 2018, a total of 46 batches of rural sewage treatment were divided into two batches. The person in charge said, The first batch of activated alumina microspheres in Kaifeng are located in key villages a special village of 11 administrative villages including Huangjiaxi Village, Xingfu Village, Shengtian Village, Bei Village, Lianhua Village and Longbei Village. Domestic sewage project. In 2018, the Kaifeng Activated Alumina Microsphere Sewage Treatment Project, one of the 10 practical projects in Kaifeng City, is progressing smoothly. The reporter learned from the construction department that the two projects are expected to invest 80 million yuan. At present, more than half of the pipeline network construction projects in 11 villages across the country have been completed. In 2017, with the goal of 'improving rural ecology and improving the quality of rural living environment'Using the early contact platoon, we and the on-site village committee arranged professional and technical personnel to conduct on-site inspections, and determined the pipeline direction, independent facilities and the overall location of the nearby sewer network, saving time for design work. The person in charge said that this year's rural life The sewage treatment project will continue to connect the activated alumina microsphere sewage pipe network and independent sewage treatment facilities in Kaifeng City to solve the difficulties in the area, plus 4 sets of septic tank channels, supplemented by 4 projects officially launched on the 25th. Jiaxinanba, Xintiantan in Shengtian Village, Wujiayu in Beijiao, Xiaotangtan in Liantang, Henggang in Longbei Village, etc. have basically completed the construction work and entered other construction areas. At the same time, the activated alumina microsphere wastewater treatment facility in independent Kaifeng City has also been completed by bees After that, the independent construction unit has entered the construction site. While ensuring the progress, Kaifeng also organized a large number of professional and technical personnel to conduct strict inspections on the site. The construction quality of the site will be inspected. At the same time, to ensure that the Kaifeng activated alumina microsphere project Minor adjustments and minor changes can be adjusted in time. The communication between residents and neighboring village committees will also be strengthened to avoid communication and prevent inconsistencies caused by poor communication. At the same time, the project is also applying for quality supervision and safety monitoring procedures to further improve Kaifeng activated alumina The quality of the microsphere project consolidates the safe and civilized construction on site. In addition, the second batch of rural sewage treatment (ordinary villages) in 2018 has entered Xicun Temple, Nantang Village, Xincun Village, Zhuangping Village, Longbei Village, Shenjia Village, Huangjiaxi, etc. Bei Village and Lian Village, a total of 9 administrative villages and 35 villages in Beiwang Village.
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