Is Xintao ceramic raschig ring repurchase rate high?
The repurchase rate of Xintao ceramic raschig ring is quite high compared with that of similar products. Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the enhancement of the after-sales services to give a positive impression to our customers. Knowing about the warranty policy of Xintao Technology, customers are more likely to repurchase our products as we provide a reliable guarantee to them. It is quite crucial to the customer overseas whose business may be hindered by the unreliable quality. The sales volume of the company will also keep growing due to the high repurchase rate.

Xintao Technology has been prestigious in R&D and production of quality ceramic ball. We are a manufacturer with years of good reputation. The zeolite powder series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Xintao Technology raschig ring packing has been sent to an accredited laboratory for assessment. It has been evaluated in terms of composition testing, safety & environmental testing, and physical properties testing. This product is best suitable for chemical packing. The product is highly resistant to rust. It has gone through corrosion-resistant treatments which greatly optimize its chemical properties. This product only requires little maintenance costs.

Our company engages in sustainable management. We view the social challenges for SDGs and other initiatives as business opportunities, promote innovation, minimize future risks, and reinforce management resilience.
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