How to store and transport activated alumina balls in rainy and snowy weather

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

Due to the strong adsorption of the product itself, activated alumina balls will not affect the effect of the product during transportation and storage in rainy and snowy weather through some chemical processing. The following will introduce how to store and transport the activity in rainy and snowy weather. Alumina Balls:
1. Storage
1. Store in a cool and dry place:
(1) Before placing, it is necessary to check the ground of the storage warehouse to make sure that there is no stagnant water. If the ground has stagnant water or moisture, it should be cleaned and dried immediately.
(2) The storage floor of the warehouse should not be too damp, otherwise the stacked cargo cartons will be easily damp.
2. Do not place it directly on the floor of the warehouse
(1) The desiccant and the ground should be separated by pallets and plastic sheets. When no one is there, ensure that the warehouse is in a sealed state.
(2) The warehouse should pay attention to the prevention of rodents, termites and other pests. Please keep the environment of the desiccant storage warehouse clean and free from pollution, and clean up the garbage and dust in time.
3. Temperature
(1) Keep the warehouse door closed during non-operating hours of the constant temperature and humidity warehouse, and keep the door closed when people enter and exit the constant temperature and humidity warehouse.
(2) The constant temperature and humidity control of the warehouse is good. The requirements for temperature and humidity are: temperature 25℃±5℃.
2. Transportation
1. Activated alumina ball desiccant has large water absorption and fast drying speed. It is usually used in instrument air drying in petrochemical, chemical, textile, metallurgy and other industries, and in pressure swing adsorption air separation units.
2. In the process of transportation or storage, it should be stored in a dry place, waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is strictly forbidden to contact with water or water vapor, so as not to affect the use effect.
3. When transporting in rainy and snowy weather, users in various regions should pay attention to the weather forecast in their area in time and do a good job in transportation.
4. Pay attention to handling with care during transportation to avoid mechanical scratches on the inner and outer packaging.
In rainy and snowy weather, if the activated alumina balls are not properly stored and transported, the product will be damp and damage the performance of the product. In addition, we also need to remove flammable substances to avoid fires that cause damage to products, property and people.
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