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Won the "Top Ten Quality Merchants" from Alibaba

Date:October 20, 2018

Won the "Top Ten Quality Merchants"from Alibaba

In 2003, SARS was rampant. Xintao, who has just been established for a year, has encountered difficulties: unable to go out to interview customers, how to get orders?

In the face of difficulties, Xintao team did not back down.

Liu Jianbin, the chairman of the company, turned his attention to the emerging Internet and Alibaba, becoming the first customer to join Alibaba in the chemical  industry in Piangxiang city. 

Today, Xintao is an Alibaba certified source manufacturer and a scale-level original. Its product popularity and reputation are far ahead in the industry...

In the past 13 years, Xintao's molecular sieves, activated powders, activated alumina, ceramic/metallic/plastic chemical packings and others have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions through Alibaba.

After years of hard work and persistence, Xintao was invited by Alibaba in October 2018 to participate in the “Ten Years of Quality Merchants” award held in our capital city Nanchang.

Xintao believes that with the joint efforts of all employees, Xintao will create more brilliant achievements!




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