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Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd was  established in 2002, which was restructured from a few of existing  companies. 

XINTAO located in West Section, High-Tech Industrial Park,  Pingxiang. Our main products are molecular sieve,  

activated alumina, inert ceramic balls, random and structured chemical packing in ceramic,  plastic & metal, 

honeycomb ceramics, alumina grinding balls, etc.

XINTAO has an annual manufacturing capacity of 5000 ton molecular  sieves, 5000 ton of inert ceramic balls,

2000 ton activated alumina,  20000 m³of varieties types of chemical packings etc. 

We have exported our products to more than 80 countries  and areas with good feedback.

For better development and strengthen inner management, therefore  XINTAO has certified to ISO 9001:2015, 

and supply to this standard as a  minimum.  

Xintao also has certified with ISO14001:2015 and  OHSAS18001:2007.

XINTAO not only promote our product, also emphasize on providing  professional technique and good service. 

Customer’s satisfaction and  prompt delivery are two points that never change. 

Good reputation is our  strong backbone. 

Because of this, we maintain our reputation with  excellent quality and prompt delivery service. 

We sincerely hope, we  have a long-term cooperation with mutual benefits; the common benefits  between us can reach

the biggest intersection.

XINTAO has a skilled  responsible and committed team work who will ensure your requirements  will be met promptly and fully. 

Please contact us for your requirements.



  • Tel:+86 799 6611966
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  • Email:export@xt988.com